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Oil changes, one service that is universal and that all cars need to continue running and to prevent major damage to the car and the engine itself. Your oil change needs may differ depending on how you drive and on what the individual needs for your car are and learning about different oil changes can help. It is important to understand the right type of oil for your vehicle and when to schedule each service. Extended intervals between oil changes can be dangerous for your vehicle. Don't stress, our team of knowledgeable technicians is here to help!

Types of Oil Changes

There are plenty of different types of oil changes to choose from depending on how you drive and on what car you drive. The first is a conventional oil change. These use natural oil and do include an oil filter change, an engine air filter change, and fluid checks. This type of oil change has a change interval of 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. There are also partial synthetic oil changes that use a mix of synthetic and natural oils and also include filter changes and fluid checks.

If you are looking for an oil change that is geared toward people that drive a great deal or want a bit more time between changes, you can also get a fully synthetic oil change that uses manufactured oil. This change also offers filter changes and fluid checks. A fully synthetic oil change is supposed to last for 5,000 miles or five months. You can also get oil changes for diesel engines that are specially designed to help make the most out of your diesel engine.

Why Have An Oil Change?

Oil changes are essential in order to make sure that the car is going to keep running. When an oil pan is empty or the oil has been contaminated enough to the point that it no longer properly lubricates the engine, it can cause the engine to seize up and not move. If this happens, your vehicle will require extremely expensive repair to the engine, or it could totally destroy it.

Choose Hiley Hyundai of Burleson

Hiley Hyunai of Burleson offers a great range of services and can help you to determine what oil change is going to be best for your particular engine and driving style. They also have a comfortable customer waiting area so that you relax while your car is being serviced. With the help of the highly trained staff at Hiley Hyundai of Burleson you can be certain your car is in great hands and that it is going to run for years to come.

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For our customers facing a budget crunch, we offer them service financing with flexible monthly payments including a soft credit check that won't impact your credit score. For another possibility to save money, take a look at the service and parts specials we offer on our website.

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